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When Life Happens

We all have story! Mine is a little different because I m different! After creating this organization I felt that I wasn't good enough, I felt people didn't believe in this organization because it was founded by me! In a year I loss a relation, family disappeared, those who said they loved me walked away, what ever bad could happen just about did. It was the love of one man that broke me, he covered me while I was naked and exposed, he wiped my tears as struggled to appear to be happy, when I made myself sick he was my doctor. I owe my comback to the one and only GOD! He never left me even when I left us both. I am nothing with out him.

Today i've made a promise to me! I believe in me! I don't care who don't support me I will still be humble and give thanks. As long as there is a woman out there in need I will be here to listen, I won't judge, I'll stand in the gap for her and I will support her in every way I can! I Am My Sisters Keeper 1st!!!

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