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The End Can Be The Beginning

Don't let the end of one thing be the last chapter. Sometimes the doors closes on something so that the window can open with fresh air. Its like spring time, when winter ends and your home has dry stall are air and spring rolls around with fresh everything you open the windows to your home so the freshness can usher in.

This is no different! Everything that lives have an expiration date, so when that door closes it doesn't mean that its the end but merely the beginning of something great. Open your mind and heart to the new possibilities that awaits you! Go with the flow just like the wind that blows freshness through the air.

Life has away of working out for the best when you give your best! I've heard people say I gave my best but my best wasn't good enough. All I could think of of was if your best wasn't good enough then it wasn't you it was what ever you was focus on or who you were focus on that didn't warrant your best. Don't ever give up when you come to a dead end. This is when you spread your wings and fly higher then you ever could imagine.

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