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My Dreams

All I ever dreamed about was helping others. I remember as a child people would say" oh you have such a caring old soul". They never understood why! My life as a child wasn't totally bad but it wasn't what I would have given myself if I was my parent. I often felt unwanted and unloved, even at times feeling invisible. I would never allow my children to feel the same way I felt. I dreamed of becoming a lawyer because I wanted to defend people. It didn't happen but yet I defend people a different way, a more humane way! II help in areas that I understand, I give from the goodness of my heart, and I encourage when there is no hope.

I am not perfect however I am a mother, a daughter, a sister, a aunt, a niece, a cousin and a friend. I work a job I enjoy, I travel, and most importantly I give back. Some points in my life I accepted responsibility for someone else children, help raised them, love them, and nurture them. I am a student at Southern New Hampshire University where I am obtaining my BA in Human Services with my focus on children and family. It gets hard and funds get low but i'm striving to be a better person each day. I'm striving to make a positive mark on this world. I just want to make life a little easier and a lot better for those who need a push. I'm no saint, i'm no savior, I'm just a woman who wants to finish school and be a better productive citizen, helping those in need!

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